Is Extra Vegas Casino a Scam?

The Danger of Operating Without a License

Navigating the tumultuous seas of online casinos, one flag you never want to see is that of a casino operating without an official license. Alarmingly, Extra Vegas Casino does exactly that. This omission spells potential trouble for players, especially in nations such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, UK, USA, and Panama. These countries have stringent guidelines, and for a casino to operate without an official license means it’s not legal, to begin with.

Revenues and Group Affiliation: The Mid-Sized Mirage

Established in 2017, Extra Vegas Casino is a medium-sized entity in terms of revenue. The intriguing part? It’s affiliated with other casinos which, even when clubbed together, sum up to just a medium-sized group. While larger casinos might easily handle grand payouts, there’s concern that this casino might face hiccups with substantial wins.

A Trail of Complaints: Not So ‘Extra’ after All

The casino might have an ‘above-average safety index’, but the underbelly reveals some stark issues. With 3 direct complaints and further complaints related to its affiliate casinos, this isn’t a sparkling record. The combined weight of these grievances amounts to 1,039 black points, making the safety index claim appear rather dubious.

Terms and Conditions: A Veiled Trap?

Red flags rise when the fine print doesn’t sit right. Extra Vegas Casino’s terms and conditions have questionable sections that could potentially be unfair to players. An informed player should either seek fairer alternatives or scrutinize these terms with extra care before deciding to wager their hard-earned money.

Dubious Positives and Glaring Negatives

While accepting cryptocurrencies and offering a range of games might sound tempting, the devil is in the details. Limited responsible gaming options, paltry withdrawal limits, and undisclosed withdrawal fees pull down its reputation.

The Extra Vegas Casino Verdict: Play with Caution

Despite its above-average safety claim, the lack of an official license is a glaring oversight that can’t be ignored. Players venturing into the world of Extra Vegas Casino should tread carefully. With numerous other licensed and established options available, it’s wise to consider alternatives.

In Conclusion: Always Opt for Certified Playgrounds

In the vast arena of online casinos, credibility is king. With the absence of an official license, Extra Vegas Casino’s trustworthiness is on shaky ground. Always prioritize casinos with recognized certifications to ensure a safe and rewarding gaming experience.

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