Is True Blue Casino a Scam?

Licensing Red Flags: Operating from Costa Rica

Embarking on a quest to determine the authenticity and security of online casinos, True Blue Casino is an establishment that needs critical scrutiny. Bearing a license from Costa Rica, it notably lacks licenses from globally recognized authorities, making it illegal in numerous countries including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, UK, USA, and Panama. With such a licensing background, potential players need to be wary of their interactions with this casino.

Questionable Relocation: Shifting Bases

Since its establishment in 2018, True Blue Casino made an interesting decision to move its offices from Costa Rica to Europe. This relocation, while it may seem like a strategic business move, also raises eyebrows about the casino’s commitment to transparency and adhering to global gambling standards.

Target Audience: Focusing on North America

While True Blue Casino primarily targets the United States and Canada, such a focus comes with its downsides. A shared trait among casinos in this group is their notoriously low withdrawal limits and painfully extended payout times. First-time withdrawals can be particularly daunting, with players potentially waiting up to two months to receive their winnings.

An Experiment in Processing: New Withdrawal Methods

True Blue Casino has attempted to address its slow withdrawal process by introducing an ‘express withdrawal’ system. However, this seems to be in its infancy and may be available only to a select group of players. Regardless, one must approach such promises with caution until the system has proven its efficiency and reliability.

Shared Blacklists and Delayed Payments: A Group-wide Issue

Affiliation with a group that collectively features on blacklists across various platforms is another concern for True Blue Casino. Even though evidence indicates that they eventually make due payments, the extended delays and commonality of the problem make it a serious issue for players looking for quick and smooth payouts.

Our Recommendation: Proceed with Caution

While True Blue Casino does accept Bitcoin, which can be seen as a slight positive, its slew of negatives — including limited live chat functionality, absence of live dealer games, and restricted currency options — make it less appealing. Players are advised to be prepared for longer than usual waiting periods, especially if they don’t opt for payment methods like Bitcoin or Neteller.

In conclusion, while True Blue Casino might not be classified as outright rogue, it does have a series of red flags. Players considering this platform should tread cautiously, be patient with withdrawals, and constantly stay updated on its practices and reputation.

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