Is Yabby Casino a Scam?

Expert Insights into Yabby Casino’s Operations and Credibility

  1. License Woes: A Dangerous Game

Alarmingly, Yabby Casino operates without a valid license. This makes it unauthorized in a slew of countries including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, UK, USA, and Panama. Essentially, the absence of a license means the casino is prohibited from functioning anywhere globally. Players, especially from the aforementioned countries, must proceed with utmost caution.

  1. Safety Rate: Not As Safe As It Seems

While Yabby Casino showcases a “High Safety Rate”, potential players should be wary. Operating without a legitimate license can overshadow any safety rating, potentially putting players’ data and money at risk.

  1. Size & Revenue: Does It Even Matter?

Our in-depth research reflects that Yabby Casino boasts considerable revenue and a vast player base. While larger casinos may usually have no qualms about managing substantial wins, the absence of a valid license at Yabby Casino diminishes any reassurance their size might offer.

  1. Ripples of Dissatisfaction

A cloud of negativity surrounds Yabby Casino, with numerous complaints linked not just to it, but also to other associated casinos. This glaring fact can be likened to a “wave of dissatisfaction” emanating from a broad spectrum of users, and it’s a significant cause for concern.

  1. Deceptive Appearances

On the surface, Yabby Casino might appear like an appealing choice. But its underlying license issues and ties to other contentious casinos hint at deeper problems. The veneer of being a “very good online casino” may not be enough to shield unsuspecting players from potential pitfalls.

  1. Gaming & Features: A Mixed Bag
  • Pros: The casino offers a wide array of games ranging from slots to live games. It accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, boasts a promising VIP program, and offers round-the-clock live chat support.
  • Cons: Live chat is accessible only post-registration, responsible gaming options are limited, Bitcoin is the exclusive withdrawal method, and the minimum withdrawal limit is set relatively high at €/$ 50.

In Conclusion: Beware and Be Wise

Yabby Casino’s lack of a valid license is a colossal red flag. While it might have certain commendable features, the overwhelming concerns linked to its legality and association with other disputed casinos cannot be dismissed. Players must prioritize their safety and financial well-being above all else. Always ensure that you make informed decisions when choosing a platform for online gaming.


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